What to Expect At Every Stage of Dental Implant

What to Expect At Every Stage of Dental Implant

Losing teeth is among the worst things in life. It sabotages a lot of things and lowers one’s confidence. There are several ways of dealing with this problem. The most common one is the use of dentures. Also another method is even more effective. This treatment is known as dental implants.

The main function of the same is to replace a missing tooth. The whole procedure is a bit complicated and it is no minor surgery. It needs to be done by someone who is good at his job and full of experience. In this article, we discuss all about this procedure so that you can know what exactly you are getting into.

Talk to your dentist to know if you are a perfect fit for the same. Some people are just not fit for the surgery.

What to Know Before You Go for the Surgery

You need to keep it in mind that it takes time. You don’t just visit a professional today and you come out with a new set of teeth after a few hours. It requires a lot of visits to the professional until he gets it right and you recover.

If you have a damaged tooth, it will need to be removed first. Then the surgeon will need some bone to add to your jawbone. It may be removed from your body or you can buy from the hospital. However, if your jawbone is sufficient, adding bone to the jawbone will not be necessary.

Metal will be placed in your jawbone. After the first surgery, you will be released to go home to heal. It will take a few months before you heal fully. When you are completely healed, an abutment will be attached to the implant by the surgeon.

You will then be given time to let the soft tissues heal fully. After they have healed, the professional will make a mold of your jawbone and tooth. Then after some time, the artificial tooth will be placed on the abutment.

As you can see, the process takes some time. To be prepared, you need to know how long each stage takes. Knowing the different stages and time required will help you make an informed decision.

Initial Consultation

You cannot just decide on your own that the procedure is the perfect fit for you. You need to talk to an expert first. Some of them even offer free consultations so you don’t need to worry about the price of seeing one.

During this process, a dental exam will be performed. An x-ray of your mouth and impression of your teeth will also be taken. The expert will then assure you if the treatment is good for you or not. It is during the first visit you set date for the first surgery.

Teeth Removal and Bone Grafting

If you had a bone graft in the past, it may take between four and 12 months for you to be ready for the implant. Your bone needs to be fully healed before the implant can be done.

Placement of the Implant

After you are ready, a metal screw will be attached to your bone. It doesn’t take long to attach the screw. It normally takes between one to two hours. In most cases, you will be asleep during the whole process. It will take up to five months for the lower bone to heal. The upper jaw takes up to seven months.
Placing a Temporary Crown or the Healing Collar

After five to seven months, you will be ready for this stage. During this stage, you might get a healing collar, temporary crown, or both. The purpose of the same is to guide the gum tissue to properly heal. You will stay with the collar for about 10 to 14 days.

Placing of the Abutment

An abutment will be placed and another impression of your teeth will be taken. You will then be given a temporary crown. The temporary crown will stay on for a month to a month and a half. The tissues will continue healing during this time and will form around the artificial teeth.

Placing of the Permanent Crown

The final stage is placing of the permanent crown. It might be a removable or fixed crown. The crown can be screwed into the abutment or it can just be cemented. The end product is usually very appealing and easy to care for.
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