What Is A Dental Night Guard To Treat TMJ Condition?

What Is A Dental Night Guard To Treat TMJ Condition?

Has your dentist in phoenix suggested for a dental night guard? Are you wondering what a dental night guard is and what purpose it serves? Here’s a look:

What is a Dental Night Guard?

As the name suggests, you need to wear the guard on teeth every night when you sleep as it prevents your teeth from grinding when you are sleeping. Many people are not even aware that their teeth grind when they sleep but the dentist may be able to diagnose from the signs and suggest a night guard. Teeth grinding is also known as Bruxism and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it.

According to Dentist Near Phoenix, Following Signs Suggest That You Need a Dental Sleep Guard:

  • When your teeth are flat
  • When some of teeth are chipped for no known reason
  • You suffer from frequent facial and neck pain especially in morning.
  • Sore jaw muscles when you wake up in morning
  • Experiencing unusual teeth sensitivity

Which Issues Can Occur Without a Dental Sleep Guard?

The first reason is many people damage their teeth due to grinding at night. You may notice your teeth to be flatter than usual or find chipped or cracked teeth due to grinding. This can cost your dental health as well as dental bills.

Another reason is TMJ which is caused by teeth grinding and it can be a serious problem. TMJ is a very painful condition which can impact your routine activities such as talking, chewing, etc. You experience pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles when you suffer from TMJ.

The night guards can also help in preventing headaches and facial pain which can be associated with teeth grinding.

Are There Other Treatment Options?

It’s not the only option and your dentist may recommend other options such as braces. At times, making changes in your lifestyle and reducing stress can also in preventing teeth grinding. In some people, limiting caffeine use can also make a big difference. These alternatives may or may not be suggested along with the night guards.