Zoom Smile Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Do you have discolored or stained teeth? Embarrassed because your smile is yellow or brown instead of a nice, bright white? Ready to achieve a brighter smile in just one hour at Desert View Dental in Phoenix, AZ? You might be surprised at how Zoom Smile Treatment in Phoenix can whiten your teeth by six shades!

Zoom Whitening: How it Works

Zoom whitening near you will require two visits to your dentist in Phoenix at Desert View Dental. The first visit will be a dental exam that will make sure that the Zoom treatment is the appropriate treatment for making your smile something you can be proud of. You’ll then get fitted with custom-made trays (for at home top-ups). Safety is very important to the team at Desert View Dental. Therefore, you will only receive a whitening treatment if it is completely safe. At the second visit, the Zoom treatment will begin.

First, your dentist in Phoenix will begin by covering your gums, your lips, and the skin around your lips. Only your teeth will be exposed for this specific Zoom laser light. After this, the dentist will begin applying the whitening gel that’s created to work specifically with the laser light. The light and the gel work together to begin penetrating the top layers of your stained teeth to remove any discolorations you might have. The gel is put on for three to four fifteen-minute sessions, in which the gel is taken off, and your teeth are thoroughly cleaned each time. After all the cycles are finished, you will have one last teeth cleaning procedure, and you then go home with a less-stained and much brighter smile.

Speed and Safety

Zoom whitening is considered to be completely medically and clinically safe. It is effective as well as quick and can brighten your teeth more than six shades in just one hour of time at the dentist. It can help increase your confidence to have a brighter smile.

Ask your dentist in 85022 at Desert View Dental how much a Zoom treatment will cost. You can get all the information you need by simply talking to your dentist. If you have any questions or concerns, please share them with your dentist in 85022.