Teeth Whitening in Phoenix AZ 85022

So many people today live their lives with stained or discolored teeth. As a top dentist in Phoenix, we know a teeth whitening in Phoenix can be a cost-effective way to begin the restoration of your smile, and stop living in embarrassment. Teeth whitening in Thunderbird is incredibly popular because it can drastically improve the appearance of your teeth. Most dentists in 85022, like those at Desert View Dental, perform teeth whitening.

In any event, teeth whitening is not done in a single visit. Instead, the process must be repeated for optimal results.

What Exactly is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening your teeth can involve an in-office visit to your dentist in Phoenix, AZ. Alternatively, an in-home teeth whitening in 85022 offers a convenient way to whiten your teeth as well. Both options employ the use of a combination of peroxide and bleach. In-home setups usually have about 3% to 20% hydrogen peroxide. The type of systems, like the ones used at Desert View Dental, contain around 15% to 43% hydrogen peroxide.

Why is Teeth Whitening Used?

Teeth whitening cleanses your enamel. Enamel is a tooth’s outside layer. The staining of enamel occurs when a thin coat, known as a pellicle, builds up on the outside of the teeth and contracts stains. Additionally, enamel is porous, meaning that it holds stains all by itself. The most common contributors to the discoloration of your enamel are tobacco use, the regular consumption of dyed liquids, and poor oral hygiene.

Not to mention, age plays a role in the condition of your enamel. Teeth whitening serves to restore the appearance of your teeth’s outer layer, not make them whiter. In other words, teeth whitening removes the build-up which taints your enamel.

Cleaner and shinier teeth means improved levels of confidence, which means it is always a smart decision to choose services for teeth whitening om Ridgegate or other locations where you are.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth at Phoenix’s local Desert View Dental clinic is the best option when deciding to brighten up your smile. We use a much more effective solution than that found in your run-of-the-mill in-home system. Plus, heat, light, or both, can augment the whitening process, which can take as few as two visits.

So, if your teeth appear stained or discolored, contact a qualified whitening dentist in Phoenix. Whitening can be an inexpensive solution to an embarrassing problem. Contact your Desert View dentist in 85022 for more information about teeth whitening in Ridgegate.