Sports Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

If you have a child that’s actively involved in a sport, then you’re probably heard of sports dentistry. Hearing and understanding what the term is are two different things, though. You might want to know more about what sports dentistry is really all about.

Sports dentistry is a somewhat new but very important field of dentistry at Desert View Dental in Phoenix, AZ. Sports dentists are there to both prevent and manage oral injuries that can happen when your child is playing sports. These can include hard and soft tissue injuries that happen to the teeth and to the bone. An example would be tooth intrusions or fractures. These are considered pediatric dental emergencies and are common for sports dentists to handle.

The sports dentist at Desert View Dental will also handle any oral disease that comes from sports-related injuries. They can cause a whole lot of dental issues,and a good sports dentist is there for you at all times.

Is a Sports Dentist Necessary?

If your child (or you) plays a contact sport, then sports dentistry is very imperative to your oral health. If your general dentist at Desert View Dental also practices sports dentistry, he can help you get a custom-fit mouthguard to help with preventing injuries and can also recommend the correct dental care for your activity level.

Is a custom mouth guard really that important?

Having a custom mouthguard is very important to dental health if you or your child play contact sports. They fit over your mouth and are engineered for you specifically. This will help provide extra protection than with a stock mouth guard or a bite and boil option. If you don’t want extensive dental problems in the future, the custom mouth guard is a great thing to invest in now.

Sports dentistry might be considered a newer field, but it’s a very important one. People of all ages can use sports dentists to get the treatment and the preventative care that they need for when they are out on the field. Talk to your dentist at Desert View Dental if you play contact sports today.