Taking care of your teeth in order to make sure they stay healthy is practicing preventative dentistry. This can include everything from avoiding cavities to addressing enamel wear to treating gum disease and other oral problems.

Preventative dentistry can take on many forms. Desert View Dental recommends that you practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. You should also keep up to date with your regular dental cleanings. If you want to practice good oral health, you should always make sure you see your dentist regularly.

Brush your teeth regularly.

One of the most important parts of keeping up with oral health is to brush your teeth regularly. You should do this twice a day, using a fluoride toothpaste that’s been approved by the American Dental Association (also known as the ADA). Replace your toothpaste at least once every three months or when the bristles start fraying. Remember when you’re brushing your teeth to also include your tongue. This will ensure that your breath stays fresh and that you reduce the amount of bacteria hiding in your mouth.

Keep up with the flossing.

Whenever you brush your teeth, you should floss them as well. This helps to get into the cracks between your teeth. It’s important that you’re flossing in the correct manner. If you have doubts, just ask your dentist at Desert View Dental to show you the proper way.

See the dentist at regular intervals.

Some people need to see the dentist more often than others, but you should make a practice out of going at least once every year. They’ll check your teeth and your gums and make sure there are no problems,and if there, they can begin treatment.

Watch what you eat and drink.

One of the most important things to preventative dentistry is watching what you consume. You should avoid having too many sugary foods or drinks because they can lead to cavities and dental decay. If you’re unsure of whether you should have a certain beverage, go with water.

Preventative dentistry can benefit everyone. So, whether you’re young or old, start taking care of your teeth now.