Invisalign in Phoenix, AZ

Suffering from a misaligned smile or gaps in your teeth? Have you already considered braces as an option from Desert View Dental in Phoenix, AZ? Perhaps you don’t want braces because you think you might be too old for them or you’re embarrassed at the idea of having a mouth full of metal? Not to worry! Desert View Dental offers Invisalign as an alternative treatment to traditional braces.

If you aren’t getting traditional braces because of the time they take to work or because you’re simply not into the aesthetic appearance of them, then the innovative technology of Invisalign might just be the perfect solution to your smile needs. They are invisible (hence the name) and therefore almost completely undetectable when you’re wearing them. Whereas traditional braces can take anywhere from a year to four years to work completely, Invisalign is generally worn for just 9 to 12 months, depending on your mouth’s need.

With a combination of 3-D modeling and new computer technology, aligners are created that will adjust slowly (every two weeks they need to be switched out) to straighten out misaligned teeth and fix gaps in your smile.

When you get traditional braces, they are continuously stuck to your teeth for your entire treatment duration with brackets and wires. Besides being invisible, Invisalign has another clear advantage here. They can be removed at any point. So, you can brush your teeth without worrying about them getting in the way. You can also chew your food without worrying about pieces getting stuck in your braces.

Keep in mind that even though you can take your Invisalign out at any point, you should always follow the treatment plan recommended to you by your dentist at Desert View Dental. Without following the treatment plan, you’re risking the benefits of having your smile straightened in the recommended time.

Invisalign isn’t just great because of its cosmetic effects. Having properly straightened teeth is good for a number of reasons,and that includes being able to chew properly and being able to properly articulate your words when speaking. If you want a straight smile and don’t want traditional braces, talk to your dentist at Desert View Dental about Invisalign today!