Do I have a cavity?

Do I have a cavity?

Strange sensation in mouth, new spot or a hole is mouth may a sign of cavity. Cavities may occur due to bacteria, poor dental health or intake of sugary foods. It is easy to identify with hole in tooth. These holes developed due to a bacterial infection that exists in the outer layer of the teeth. Cavities don’t have any early symptoms because they are painless and small and thus it may go unnoticed until it reaches to an extreme stage. As soon as you feel any toothache, you must make a visit to dentist in Phoenix.

Initially, it is hard to detect decay or cavity but when it further exceeds there can be general symptoms which may vary from patient to patient. Several signs of cavities are:

  • Pain – Extreme toothache that may affect your concentration can be an obvious signs of cavity. This must be immediately addressed.
  • Sensitivity – If a particular spot of your mouth is sensitive to hot or cold food, it is a clear sign that it could be because of the cavity. This could lead to enamel decay and thus one must visit dentist at Phoenix AZ to know the actual cause. There can be two types of sensitivity.
  • Sensitivity to sweets and sugar – When the intake of sugary food or sweet, you may feel sensitivity in the form of tingling sensation.
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot – Sensitivity to hot or cold food intake can also be because of cavity.

Other signs of cavity:

  • Bad breath – Bad breath can also be a sign of cavity and in such cases, one must schedule an appointment with dentist at 85022.
  • Dark spots or a hole in the tooth – A dark spot of a hole on tooth can be cavity. In such cases, dentist can find out this with X-rays and dental examination. This may be because the enamel has been eroded.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult dentist near you without any delay.