Dental Injuries: The Type of Sports You Play Really Matters

Dental Injuries: The Type of Sports You Play Really Matters

If you’re active in sports, you know there’s an inherent risk for injury and are already taking as much precaution as you can to prevent it. But did you know that sports can be categorized in ranking order from the least likely to cause a dental injury to the most likely? Keep reading to learn more about the type of sport that you may be involved in and at what risk level it places you for a dental injury.

Lowest Risk are Low Velocity, Non-Contact Sports

Examples of these sports include golf, frisbee, cross-country skiing, weight lifting, running, speed-walking, and swimming. These sports and activities have the lowest risk since they don’t include activities where speed or physical contact with others are involved.

The Higher Risk Sports: High Velocity, Non-Contact Sports; Contact Sports; and Collision Sports

High velocity, non-contact sports and activities are those where you move at a high rate of speed but have little or no contact with anyone else. Some examples are bicycling, skateboarding, and skiing and snowboarding. It’s important to note, however, that while there is no contact with another individual, accidents and injury can still occur.

As the term “contact sports” indicates, there is contact — whether it be body to body as in wrestling and flag football, or body to equipment as in lacrosse, baseball, or softball.

And, as you can imagine, when it comes to collision sports, there is usually some type of forceful impact that’s not only anticipated, but more than likely incurred. These types of sports include arena football, hockey, rugby, MMA fighting, and boxing. What’s most important to know about these types of sports is that without the proper protection, such as headgear and mouthguards, participants are at an extremely high risk for oral-facial injury.

How Desert View Dental in Phoenix Can Help

We can custom fit you with a mouth guard that will provide maximum protection regardless of what type of sport you’re involved in. We also provide emergency dental care should a dental emergency arise from a sports-related injury or from just biting down on something that cracked or damaged a tooth. If you want to make sure you take care of your tooth health and your family’s dental needs while also avoiding exhausting and unnecessary trips to the emergency room contact us today to learn more.