All on Four Dental Implants as an Alternative to Full Mouth Dentures

All on Four Dental Implants as an Alternative to Full Mouth Dentures

A beautiful smile can contribute to self confidence and happiness for an individual. In case, when you wish to replace missing teeth to obtain better smile, dental implant can actually help. When doctors at Desert View Dental AZ perform dental implant, the results are better and enhanced. The process is pain free and stress free.

What are all on 4 dental implant?

This treatment is also known as teeth in a day or immediate load implant treatment. In this treatment a dentist can place four tooth implants right in the first jawbone for better appearance. This may also include placement in the arc that can be upper or lower set of jaw. Dentist at Phoenix places implant made of acrylic material for natural look.

Here are some of the benefits of implants

Improved confidence level

With it’s all in 4 dental implant, Desert View Dental AZ can offer better results with better confidence.

Decreased need for bone grafts

All on 4 implants can provide proper strength which decreases the need for bone grafts.

Enhanced speech

Dentist at Phoenix AZ ensures to provide perfect dental implant so that patient can have normal conversation. This is not possible with dentures.

Increased convenience and comfort

Unlike dentures, dental implant comes with extra comfort and easy cleaning options.

Ability to eat normal

Dentures may slide away but dental implant cannot and thus it can ensure normal eating and chewing.

Enhanced appearance

Unlike dentures, dentist at 85022 provides dental implants which ensure natural impressions and better appearances.

Long term investment

All on 4 dental implants is a long term investment.

Immediate results

Desert View Dental AZ ensures to complete the procedure within a day and results are comparatively faster.


Dental implant may stay for long and thus it is more durable when compared to dentures.

Who is a good candidate?

Any candidate who wishes to obtain a dental treatment for missing tooth is suitable for this treatment. You may search dentist near you for all in 4 dental implants.