6 Common Causes of Bad Breath

6 Common Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be awkward and embarrassing for the person who experiences it. While it’s ok to sometime experience bad breath when you haven’t brushed your teeth in morning or have had food and beverages with string flavour, if you suffer from bad breath persistently, it can be a matter of concern, says dentist in Phoenix.

However, bad breath is preventable and all you need is to follow some tips and avoid eating some foods, says dentist near Phoenix AZ.

Here’s a Look at Some Foods and Beverages that Cause Bad Breath:

  • Coffee

The caffeine present in coffee is responsible for making the mouth dry. It’s very acidic in nature and creates the right environment for the bacteria to grow. The lack of saliva makes the bacteria linger of your teeth and gums for longer which causes bad breath. The saliva normally controls and washes the smelly substances.

  • Alcohol

Just like caffeine, the alcohol dries the mouth and reduces the saliva production. Since there’s lack of saliva for washing away the bacteria in mouth, they thrive in your mouth and create foul smell. Alcohol in any form will have this effect which also includes mouth washes with alcohol content.

  • Protein rich food

The bacteria feeds on high protein food such as egg, fish, or meat as well as dairy products can produce a kind of sulphur which creates pungent smell in our breath.

  • Acidic foods

According to dentist in 85022, food items which are high in acid such as fruits, tomatoes, peppers, and vinegar-based foods help the bacteria in growing and breeding faster than usual. Large amounts of bacteria can result in bad breath.

  • Garlic

Garlic, onion, and curry smell extremely pungent. The sulphur from these foods is absorbed in the blood stream and the smell comes from the skin, lungs, and mouth after ingestion.

  • Sugar

Sugar is something that bacteria thrive on and which helps them in growing and reproducing rapidly. The bacteria create plaque on teeth which leads to tooth decay and infection along with bad breath says dentist near you.