5 Situations Where You Will Need Emergency Dental Care

5 Situations Where You Will Need Emergency Dental Care

Some oral issues need emergency dental care. Waiting for weeks before seeing a dentist is not an ideal thing in such situations. The patient will have to deal with this unbearable pain if the dental emergency is ignored. Few emergencies require immediate assistance as it might lead to the severe problem and make it even worse.

Emergency dental care is needed in a few situations-

Emergency oral care is expensive as compared to scheduling a regular appointment. To make things easy, here are 5 situations when the services of an emergency dentist are needed-

Persistent toothaches

Dentist in Phoenix, AZ says some toothaches can be easily managed with medication and pain relievers. Few might not let you focus throughout the day and sleepless at night.

Sharp, persistent toothaches are a sign of a severe dental issue. This state there is a need for immediate treatment as such pain might cause sensitive tooth, infection or fractured tooth.

Damaged tooth

Fractured, chipped or broken tooth often to complications if not addressed at that moment. The fracture continues to grow until it reaches the pulp chamber. The nerve and pulp inside become exposed to the food particles and bacteria.

This causes tooth decay and infections which eventually lead to the complete loss of the tooth.

Severe bleeding in the gum

Dentist in Phoenix says bleeding gums are an indicator of gum disease and infection. At the early stages, it is easy to treat infections but once it spreads, it becomes difficult.

This might lead to periodontal disease.

Lost dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics like crowns, veneers or fillings need immediate dentist if anything goes wrong with these devices.

The dentist can easily restore prosthetics when anything goes wrong with them. Take the damaged prosthetics quickly to a dentist as this helps patients to regain their smile.

Tooth loss due to trauma

Dentist in 85022 says tooth loss due to a sports injury or an accident leads to an emergency dental visit. The surrounding gum tissues and nerves can lead to complications.

Visit a dentist near you to learn more about emergency dental care.